Terms of Service

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By using our services you hereby acknowledge and consent to be bound by the terms stipulated per our full list of terms and client resonsiblities.
Client(s) will be granted full rights to their requested design(s)/project only after full payment has been received by BlackEncryption Designs. Client(s) will received official documentation with exclusive rights decleration.The client owns the Copyright and intellectual property rights of all projects, which are paid in full to BlackEncryption Designs. We reserve the right to add any projects to portfolio sites to show work examples.
PAYMENT OPTIONS: BlackEncryption makes it easy for customers to make a secure payment accepting only PayPal transactions. PayPal accepts all major credit debit cards: BlackEncryption reserve the right to change our fee rates and or institute new charges warranted by a change in project hours worked / or the number of project revisions has been exceeded.

Terms Of Service

BlackEncryption reserves the right to deny and or terminate service in full due to non-payment (If client account is with balance and not paid in full within 15 days after the payment due date has been issued / PayPal invoice issued date. * ( All projects must be approved by the client to proceed with requested service within 3 days of receiving request confirmation and project work order details. If no communication is made within a 3 day time period the project request is subject to termination )
Any Project that requires specific dimensions will be the clients responsiblity to provide such information to BlackEncryption Designs. Dimenions should be specified in Pixels metric or Inches (Example 800x600 pixels) *** It is also the Client's responsibility to provide all custom templates related to their projects unfamiliar to BlackEncryption Designs. ***.
Each project’s timeframe will be different, contingent on the amount of time necessary to complete the design. BlackEncryption Designs request for two (2) weeks standard to produce the initial project demo design. Rush jobs that must be completed in full under the standard two week period will be subject to a rush charge of $25.00

Free Stock Images!

There are plenty of websites out there where you can find free pics for your graphic design use. However, be sure to fully read the licensing terms before using the free stock pics, even though they claim to be free. Some websites that offer free stock pics include Gratisography, Unsplash, Life of Pix, Death to Stock Photos & Picjumbo


CMYK vs RGB Color Processing

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is a four-color process model, which is used for color printing. RGB (red, green, blue) is a color model that is used for displaying images on electronic systems, including computers and televisions. When implementing graphic design for print, all images and assets must be converted to CMYK color in order to print properly. This is done in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. When images are converted into CMYK color, they may not be as vivid and vibrant as they were displayed on the screen.